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How To Pick The Best Designer Saree For Yourself?


Most of us know that designer saree has, for long, been a cherished item of clothing for women across the nation. Currently, they are even being concocted with other forms of traditional attires such as designer suits, bridal lehengas, wedding outfits, etc. by designers all over the world. Among the female populace of Bengal, sarees enjoy quite a celebrity status due to the fact that they serve as ideal outfit choices for countless celebratory and ceremonial occasions.


When it comes to landing a good deal while on a designer saree shopping quest, having some foreknowledge about a handful of things is important. The market is flooded with countless choices to spoil you with, but it is imperative for you to buy something that enhances your appearance and makes you feel confident about yourself.


So here are the key factors that you need to bear in mind when browsing through designer sarees at an ethnic wear store in Bagnan:

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  • Consider Your Shape

The foremost thing that you ought to do is consider the shape of your figure as well as the draping style that you are comfortable with. The way that you drape a saree around your frame can bring about significant change in your appearance (make you look tall, short, slim or fat). And if you think that all sarees work well with all draping styles, you are going in the wrong direction.

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  • Designs & Prints

The print and design of the saree you choose to buy has to be in accordance with your figure. For instance, in case you are heavy and short, your best bets are small designs and prints. You can also consider leafy or floral prints since they are suitable for all body types. On the other hand, prints in light hues work ideally for tall and slim women.

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#3. Long Trains

  • Your Material Choice

The material or fabric of your preferred designer will also play a huge role in the buying process. Steer clear of the stiff, cotton options if you are chubby, as the fabric of the sarees would impart a heavier feel to your figure. Whereas go for a pure cotton one in case you are slim.

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#4. Jacket Lehenga

  • Embroidery Work

Last but not the least, make sure you spend some time considering the embroidery work too. If you are skinny and your chosen designer saree has little embroidery work, it would be better if you switch to a heavily embroidered one. However, heavy women should do exactly the opposite.

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Brand New Women’s Clothing Collection in March


This march, welcome the scorch of sun with our new arrivals. Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya presents the whole new lot of fashion wears this month.

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All the ladies and girls, please do come to please your eyes with the freshness of this season. Our store is the one stop fashion junction in Bagnan for girls and ladies. For various occations we have a whole lot of attractive Lahengas, Kurtis and Salwars.


*Traditional Salwar Kameez,

 *Churidar Kameez,


*Kameez and Salwar,

*designer Salwar,

*Ladies Suits,

* Pencil Suites,

*Patiala Suite.

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Aren’t this exiting to have all of these dazzling clothes in all in one fashion store in Bagnan?

Make A Fashion Statement With Bagnan’s Finest Clothing Collection


“Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom ford

Here in Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya dressing well is the main theme. Bagnan’s biggest clothing store Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya is reflecting the bests of the bests of fashion. The biggest retail counter for clothes in Bagnan welcomes you to come and join us, don’t just be our customer, be our guest, be a family member. Get the finest collection of clothes for everyone,  so just grab it, buy it, gift it or wear it. Wherever you are in Kharagpur, Andul, Shyaampur, Aamta or Bagnan, Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya is your place of dreams.


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