Trendy Authentic Menswear To Bring Out The Bong In You


Clothes don’t make the man, but they can make you look great. For menswear, Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya is the best place in bagnan.


Carry your style along with your class. Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya believes in magnifying the swagger of Bengali men. All types of dresses you would want is here, near you in bagnan, from suiting shirting to readymade, from Turtle to Peter England, our variety is enough to glace your eyes.  The world is full of guys, Be a man. Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya promises you that our combination of quality and price will satisfy the man inside you.


Make A Fashion Statement With Bagnan’s Finest Clothing Collection


“Dressing well is a form of good manners” – Tom ford

Here in Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya dressing well is the main theme. Bagnan’s biggest clothing store Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya is reflecting the bests of the bests of fashion. The biggest retail counter for clothes in Bagnan welcomes you to come and join us, don’t just be our customer, be our guest, be a family member. Get the finest collection of clothes for everyone,  so just grab it, buy it, gift it or wear it. Wherever you are in Kharagpur, Andul, Shyaampur, Aamta or Bagnan, Aadi Maa Annapurna Bastralaya is your place of dreams.


Express your dreams, choices, desires and all coz ‘style is not a display of welth, but an expression of imagination.